Online Training Package

Online Training Package

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My online training package covers your bases when it comes to designing and implementing a fully customized physical fitness plan. I will design a 12 week plan using the NASM OPT model - an accredited and proven system to break through plateaus and smash new goals.

The price is $90 per month and is charged on a subscription-based service, which is fully cancellable at any time. 

What's Included

  1. Initial Consultation: all my clients complete a short initial survey, followed by a 45 minute interview with me personally,  in which we discuss your needs, your history and what your goals are. 
  2. Onboarding Package: I send your digital welcome package, which includes all the tools and software you need to track your progress. We schedule a follow up call where I walk you through how to take your measurements, progress photos & video, and we discuss how to best structure your custom programs. 
  3. Physical Movement Assessment: I conduct a complete physical health and movement assessment to better tailor your plan to your individual needs and goals.
  4. Fully Customized Training Program: I build a 12 week program based on your level of ability as well as your personal training style preferences. All plans are based on the NASM OPT™️ model and are broken into macro, meso and microcycles. All workouts include a warm up, mobility work, functional movement patterning, a progressive strength block, a cardiovascular component and a cool-down & stretching segment. You will receive the workouts in 1 week blocks via my coaching software platform and we will discuss in your weekly check-ins if you have questions about any of the movements or activities.
  5. Weekly Video Check-ins: a 30 minute weekly video chat with me to discuss your progress, check in on any issues you're having and discuss your plan for the next week. 
  6. Daily Accountability Check-in: my automated software sends a daily prompt for you to check-in and flags any issues you're having that require my attention. 
  7. Online Exercise and Nutrition Database: full access to any of my online resources including ebooks, whitepapers, pre-set workout programs, exercise database, nutrition articles, recipes  and more. You will also have access to the NASM Edge databases through my coaching certification. I’m always adding new resources to my library!

This program requires access to some basic gym gear and equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, weights and bands. 

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