Coached Powerbuilding Program

Coached Powerbuilding Program

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What makes it a "Powerbuilding" program? 

All workouts are anchored by one of the "Big Three" movements in powerlifting (well, some say "Big Four" if you include overhead press, which I do): squat, bench and deadlift. These are performed as 5x5's (5 sets of 5 reps) and RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) is programmed to approach the upper ranges of effort using planned undulating periodization. 

Powerlifting training generally utilizes less volume but heavier weight. The "Building" or hypertrophy component is achieved through performing blocks of high volume, moderate weight exercises more common to a bodybuilding style of training. I also mix these two modalities from time to time, to create novel stimulus and response in CNS and muscle anabolism. For example, I may occasionally program a 3x10 (or even 10x10!) squat set once you're well-adapted to 5x5's. 

Read more about Powerbuilding here!

About the Program

This program is basically a Push / Pull / Legs (PPL) split alternating between upper body and lower body days. Within the Upper Body and Lower Body workouts, they are further divided into opposing or antagonist muscle group focuses, using Workout A, B, C, D, etc. This allows you to train consistently 3-5 days per week by rotating through body parts (meaning there will always be a "fresh" body part to train). It incorporates 1 LISS cardio session per week as well as a focus on total-body mobility, activation, recovery and prehab work. 



This program requires access to the following gym equipment:

- Squat rack with safeties

- Bench

- Barbell 

- Plates up to 250 lbs

- Dumbells up to 45 lbs (or just 5, 15, 25 & 35)

- Cable Machine (can substitute bands)

- Various static weight machines (substitutions offered)


About 1RM & RPE

Before commencing the program you will have a full health screening and physical evaluation of your lifting abilities, where we will test your 1 Rep Maxes (1RM) across all the big lifts: squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press. This is the total amount of weight you can lift, while still maintaining good form and completing the lift. This will enable us to set benchmarks for your lifts and track progress in a simple way as you work through the program. Metrics are logged and tracked using my coaching software.

We will also discuss how to begin using the "RPE" scale - which means Rate of Perceived Exertion and is based on the "Repetitions in Reserve" model. It is a 1-10 rating of how hard a lift feels on any specific day; in comparison, your 1RM is just a straight percentage of your heaviest lift. When we say RPE of "8", the lift should "feel" like you have 2 "reps in reserve", or you could have potentially done 2 more reps before failure. There are advantages and drawbacks to both models, RPE is not always "better" than 1RM. You can learn more about 1RM and RPE here.

Rest Days

All rest days are considered "Active Rest" - meaning you are not sedentary on these days and should still work on getting some form of physical activity. That could be easy walking or hiking, recreational biking, swimming, a yoga class or easy stretching. These should be days off from formal training but are a great chance to incorporate low impact cardio and perform restorative or preventative maintenance (RMT, physio or general mobility work). I also highly recommend restorative therapies such as Epsom salt baths and infrared (or conventional) sauna usage (read more about the science behind heat therapies here). 

Programming Updates 

I will program your workouts in advance and release them in 2-week blocks, that way if any changes are needed to accommodate challenges or if you're progressing very quickly, we're not locked into a specific set long term plan. I can also better tailor the plan to suit your preferences as they develop naturally over the course of training. I will release the next two weeks of sessions to you on the Sunday before the next week is set to commence. Mondays are always Day 1 of your week and Sundays are Day 7.


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