About Jaguara

Vision: Our vision is of a future where every person is valued for their strength and supported to achieve their fullest human potential.

Mission: Our Mission is to provide the most current evidence-based training methods, personalized nutrition plans and high performance apparel to build badass athletes.

We combine equal parts strength and aesthetics with an emphasis on full-stack functional and strength-based fitness modalities.

Core Values

  1. Warm Blooded Animals: Jaguars are warm blooded animals, meaning we have the ability to regulate our own internal temperatures. We don’t need your affirmations or approval. We’re secure in our own autonomy.

  2. Courage Under Fire: Courage under fire means making the bravest choices possible, even when we are pressured to take the easy road; we devour challenges and ask for seconds.

  3. True Grit: True grit is the personal journey that we travel to overcome failures and obstacles. It is a form of internally-generated strength that propels us to shatter limiting self-beliefs and achieve our goals.

  4. Grace under Pressure: Grace under pressure means treating others and ourselves kindly, even when times are tough. Having the self-possession and wisdom to vibrate at a higher frequency.

  5. Living our Potential: Living our Potential shows up as badass athletes supporting each other and ourselves to reach the fullest expressions of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys.


About Your Trainer

Our Promise & Commitment to Sustainability 

Jaguara commits to supporting environmental sustainability by donating a percentage of all profits from both fitness and fashion sales to Journey of the Jaguar, a non-profit that preserves the jaguar’s traditional migration routes in North America. 

We are championing an almost zero-waste approach to garment production by utilizing cutting edge technologies like 3D knitting, smart textiles and computer-automated manufacturing. 

Our yarns and textiles are all ethically-sourced, dyed and transported; and we use local manufacturing partners whenever possible to reduce carbon emissions.

We’ve also signed the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge to integrate at minimum 10% certified recycled yarns and fibres into our top selling products.

Moving forward, we also commit to implementing a garment buy-back program, so our products stay out of landfills forever.


About the Founder

Rebecca joined the fitness industry seven years ago, self-coaching through a personal fitness transformation. Using strength and performance goals to drive progress, as well as an insatiable appetite for evidence-based nutrition science, Rebecca healed a lifelong dysfunctional relationship with food, as well as learned how to motivate and inspire others to reach their lifestyle and athletic goals. 

After earning a NASM Personal Training certification in 2019 and a NASM Nutrition Coaching certification in 2020, they have launched Jaguara Fitness, in order to bring a unique, no-nonsense strength-based approach to training to women and nonbinary people looking to transform their lives and become badass athletes.