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Meet The Coach: My Journey to Wellness in Body and Soul

I consider myself a lifelong athlete; starting as a competitive swimmer at age eight, I’ve played multiple sports over my thirty-something years including equestrian (showjumping, dressage and western/AQHA), tennis, grass hockey, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, cycling, yoga and now weightlifting. While I’ve always been athletic, I’ve not always been mindful or educated about nutrition, and there have definitely been times where I chose to focus on other areas of my life and interests.  My twenties were mainly focused on university, music, travel, socializing and starting my professional career. I seriously neglected my health and fitness for a good ten to twelve years, working in bars and live music venues with a lot of fast food, drinking, smoking and many, many late...

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What is Powerbuilding?

...and why is it one of the most effective forms of training for women with goals of body composition? This article will seek to explain the basics of this new training methodology, as well as what results clients can expect to achieve when employing its principles over time.   

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